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  3. so … game idea


    a group of people break into teams of two or three or whatever and you dress up in like camo and team-like shit

    all of you run out into the woods and a non-affiliated person hides some things (however much/whatever you want) and try to find them

    each person has a red marker and maybe like a fake bow-and-arrow set and to kill other teams/members, you can shoot them, but you have to hit them in the chest or the head, or you can sneak up on them and use the marker to “slice” their necks

    after theyre dead, they stay dead, except you can have them as your teams guardian angel, but you have to trade something in — one of your weapons, or you have to wear a neon colored shirt, etc. also they are given a hint about the hidden things location

    you win by killing everyone else or finding the things first

    so basically its grog but more intense and outside

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  4. sovietcheesecake:

    Throughout the year, they slowly talked more and more. At lunch, it was about that class, and in class is was about lunch and mutual friends. Before they knew it, they were friends. They started hanging out before school, between classes, and after school.

    It was nearly the end of the year, and…

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    They met at lunch. He sat on the end of the table, she sat in middle. They didn’t talk much, but had one person between them whom they both liked, so they were occasionally in a conversation together.

    The first half of the year was like that, growing more conversational as the year went on. Near…

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  8. Hey guys. I’m making a new blog, so come follow me at http://sovietcheesecake.tumblr.com/



  9. Did you guys ever realize that in Hakuna Matata, Timon says to Pumbaa (as he’s about to say something about his farts and how it ruined his life), “Not in front of the kids”? Not kid (Simba) but kids. The viewers. He broke the fourth wall and I just noticed at 17 years old.

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